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Government Implementation Plan of Hackitt Report

Government Implementation Plan of Hackitt Report Posted on: 10th January 2019

Following on from the final report of ‘Building a Safer Future’, the government have released an implementation plan of the 53 recommendations highlighted by Dame Judith Hackitt.

The implementation plan can be found here:

This  suggests:

4 core approach of:

  • Stronger and more effective regulatory and accountability framework
  • Clearer standards and guidance
  • Placing residents at the heart of the new regulatory framework
  • Driving a cultural change to increase responsibility

With a clarified version of approved Document B on the cards for the first quarter of this year the plan also highlights a longer complete technical review of building regulations fire safety as well as access to buildings together with a wider overall new governance structure.

The government display their work in addressing the issue of not only  non-compliant ACM materials in both the social and private sector, but also other building structures such as the large panel system and external wall insulation system buildings.

The HHSRS assessment system of applying the housing act has also had an addendum relating to high rise buildings added.

The plan announces the creating of a ‘Joint Regulators Group’ and that the government intends to consult on how the gateways within the independent review will be structured as well as proposals for creating duty holder responsibilities.

With regard to residents the potential for creating a ‘Social Sector Best Practice Engagement Group’ for building safety is likely as well as a ‘Building Safety Charter’ demonstrating their commitment to spearhead cultural change.

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