Fire Safety Workshops

Understanding the complexities of fire safety can sometimes be a daunting task. While you should always use a sector competent person in reviewing and advising you on your fire safety matters (as highlighted within Article 18 of the FSO), it may be increasingly useful to understand the sometimes technical language used when such advice and guidance is produced.

Management Your Risk

What You Need To Know

Prism is now developing a series of half day fire safety workshops to assist those in the role of the responsible person:

Workshop No1: Social Landlords

As a direct result of the very successful national speaker 45 minute presentations for the Property Investors Network (pin) throughout the UK, the workshop.

‘Landlord Fire Safety: a practical understanding and application for single lets and HMOs’

builds on the pin presentation by providing those who develop and manage single lets or Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) with the following detailed information:

  • Legislation (including case studies)
  • Guidance
  • Fire Dynamics
  • `Passive` compartmentation including:
    • Fire doors
    • Fire stopping
    • Electrical cabling
  • Active Fire protection including:
    • Fire detection and alarm systems (including case studies)
    • Emergency lighting systems (including case studies)
    • Portable appliance testing
  • Testing and inspection programmes
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Choosing a fire risk assessor

A comprehensive information booklet will accompany the workshop detailing all of the information discussed to help attendees effectively engage with their contractors and local enforcing agency.

As a social landlord, this is essential for you to comply with the law and ensuring you are fulfilling your duty of care to your tenants.

The workshop is run on specific Saturdays throughout the UK with the latest dates available through the Prism social media page and also Eventbrite.