A 21st Century solution to managing your safety requirements

The prism portal is unique in its approach to how you record your organisations safety requirements and will enhance such organisational systems as PAS 7 Fire Management or HSG 65/OHSAS 18001 continuous improvement models.

The highly visual fire and workplace safety dashboards give you complete ease of use navigation with the online forms or uploads taking only minutes to complete. Once any form is entered it is automatically date stamped and saved to the server via an encrypted connection, meaning your data is secure, but most of all always available from any platform with internet access.

All users are provided with individual logins together with profile accounts which enable them to oversee their responsibilities within the system.

As a standard each site is reviewed each quarter by Prism with each report uploaded into individual dashboards. Simply enter /upload and save. The Prism portal is guaranteed to make your safety compliance more efficient and easy to record notwithstanding the ability to recall and review any form at the tip of a finger.

"I am delighted to add my endorsement for Prism Fire and Workplace Safety. They were referred to me as `outstanding` in what they do and how professional they are. Through a combination of their experience, expertise, connections and plain common sense, Tony advised, co-ordinated and guided me seamlessly through the whole process.
The regulatory bodies who control change of use knew we had commissioned an extremely professional company. Mr Bolder was quite magnificent and ahead of the play at all times. Bloody excellent!"

Steve Tracey, Birchfield HMO conversion, York

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