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What sets Prism apart from others within the fire and workplace safety industry? The Prism ethos is to care about your business and give you the personal touch.

Your business is rightly focused on your product or services and not necessarily the peripheral aspects including fire and workplace safety. Prism will take care of these essential often legislatively driven requirements.

Other companies offer similar services but Prism is different in that every customer is given the same quality service, no matter how small or large.

My chosen career was within the emergency services sector because I simply wanted to help people. I have continued this into my own business and am honest in what I want to achieve, which is to make sure customers receive the right advice and level of safety provision.

Whilst there is always a legislation and compliance aspect, at Prism you’ll find a caring and understanding attitude and most of all, a common sense approach to your requirements.

The Prism portal is unique as a data collection area for your safety needs. No other company is currently offering such a bespoke programme to the Fire Safety Order. Just a few minutes each week will make sure all your needs are met, and the quarterly review of each site will ensure you are kept on the right track at all times. Again no other company offers such a service.

The dashboards within the portal work for all companies of any size, but are ideally suited to those organisations with multiple sites. Using each system will dramatically reduce time and effort in keeping current paper based systems in order.

After all your most valuable assets are your staff and premises, so use a system built for 21st century business to protect them both.

Tony Bolder

"I am delighted to add my endorsement for Prism Fire and Workplace Safety. They were referred to me as `outstanding` in what they do and how professional they are. Through a combination of their experience, expertise, connections and plain common sense, Tony advised, co-ordinated and guided me seamlessly through the whole process.
The regulatory bodies who control change of use knew we had commissioned an extremely professional company. Mr Bolder was quite magnificent and ahead of the play at all times. Bloody excellent!"

Steve Tracey, Birchfield HMO conversion, York

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