The key to creating an overall safety culture is to have a robust workplace structure. Your Health and Safety policy and Statement Of Intent are the central elements in this.

At Prism not only can we outline your policy and statement, but organise your arrangements into easy to understand guidance notes pertaining to your workplace activities. All appropriate risk assessments are then put in place to create a tiered workplace safety structure, bespoke to and fit for your needs.

"I am delighted to add my endorsement for Prism Fire and Workplace Safety. They were referred to me as `outstanding` in what they do and how professional they are. Through a combination of their experience, expertise, connections and plain common sense, Tony advised, co-ordinated and guided me seamlessly through the whole process.
The regulatory bodies who control change of use knew we had commissioned an extremely professional company. Mr Bolder was quite magnificent and ahead of the play at all times. Bloody excellent!"

Steve Tracey, Birchfield HMO conversion, York

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