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The key to creating an overall safety culture is to have a robust workplace structure. Your Health and Safety policy and Statement Of Intent are the central elements in this.

At Prism not only can we outline your policy and statement, but organise your arrangements into easy to understand guidance notes pertaining to your workplace activities. All appropriate risk assessments are then put in place to create a tiered workplace safety structure, bespoke to and fit for your needs.

As well as activity workplace assessments, many premises also contain the need for more specialist assessments also. These may include display screen equipment (DSE) if employees spend long periods at computers, or control of substances hazardous to health (CoSHH) if cleaning materials or chemicals are present, together with any work equipment used (PUWER). Should you require assessments on personal or respiratory protective equipment (PPE/RPE) working at heights (W@H) and confined spaces (CS), then Prism can provide you with concise assessments in these areas including strategies to ensure the continued safety at work for all staff . For W@H and CS we can also include effective method statements for the specific task in hand.

One of the most escalating claims of employees in industry is that of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Not only correctly protecting employees who may be exposed to loud noise over a regular basis, but having an appropriate strategy of periodical testing is crucial to reducing and/or avoiding any future claims of NIHL. Prism can provide not only control of noise assessments, but also full reports into
suggested strategies for continued noise reduction techniques and/or correct PPE for employees.

Employers have a duty to provide safe working environments for their staff. Slips, trips, electrical hazards, vehicle/pedestrian separation are all common activity workplace risk assessments which should be completed to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety and Work Act and other guidance such as the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Prism can provide a full range of general workplace assessments for your company, from a single office to large warehouse premises.

"Tony has provided us with sound advice regards fire safety in our office.
His suggestions are easy to carry out, including those for evacuating a disabled volunteer. He is going to deliver some bespoke fire evacuation training from minibuses, working with other community transport groups too.
Tony has a friendly but professional approach and is very good at directing you on a reasonably practical path through the health and safety jungle!"

Jan Staniforth, CEO Beverley Community Lift

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