Fire Awareness/Fire Marshal Training

With third party accredited courses, Prism has set its training and learning standards to a high degree

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What You Need To Know

Fire Awareness

We offer an online fire awareness course through our Aries software

The course is broken into easy manageable sections which allow those completing time to understand and digest the information. At the end of each section a small confirmation assessment is provided where 75% pass will allow the next section to be opened and available for study. Persons completing this course can then learn at their own pace within the overall timeframe given.

The fire awareness course is aimed at companies who want a comprehensive yet easy to understand course on fire safety in the workplace. A course which is available 24/7 with easy access and is trackable to show all employees progress and completion, with automatic renewal alerts set to an agreed period.

Sections within the fire awareness course include: Legislation, Fire Dynamics, Classes of fire and fire extinguishers, Signs and symbols, Active and passive systems, Fire prevention and mitigation.

IFSM Accreditied Course

Fire Marshal

Prism is proud to provide a fire marshal course accredited by the Institution of Fire Safety Managers.

This one-day classroom based course is for clients as part of an overall fire safety strategy programme which is bespoke to the company and embedded into the overall training programme. This cumulates in confirmation practical exercises to ensure the training and procedures of all fire marshals is understood, effective and achievable during any fire related incident.

The course delivers: Legislation, Fire dynamics, Compartmentation, Classes of fire and fire extinguishers, Practical fire extinguisher application (using a Haagen M-Fire system), Proactive duties, Human factors, Reactive duties in the event of a fire, Fire Service liaison and confirmation scenarios.

Prism currently provides fire training to:

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